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In the modern world we wish to be healthy, wealthy and wise.† Success on all levels is what motivates us.† Or rather, we wish it did. Sometimes it seems hard to get motivated to do much at all.† Yet you can overcome old harmful habits and negative thought patterns, and live a life of great health, energy and accomplishment.† You can flourish as fully as your unique human potential permits. And for most people that potential is hidden and vast. When you access it, you will transform your life.

These principles are an expression of natural laws that govern biological and personal growth. They reflect our knowledge of how growth 'works' in the universe.† They are scientifically sound, and consistent with traditions of wisdom in the great cultures and religions of the world.† The fact is, you already know these principles, intuitively. They are truths encoded into the core of your being, written into your DNA. You are these truths. Authentic personal growth is a means of reconnecting with these truths.

You can transform your life now, for life.


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Living Life By Living the Laws of the Father

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Rev. John, our founder and pastor, was called to spread the Fatherís plan for life in the Ten Commandments as an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

The Church of the Commandments is a congregation of the

Universal Life Church

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Church of the Commandments

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Moses presents Godís Laws Ö the Ten Commandments Ö to the Hebrew people.

August 2016

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As an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church, Rev. John is available to assist you with Weddings, Funerals, Affirmation of Love or Commitment Ceremonies or Memorial Services.† Iím here to help.†



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