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In the Jules Verne novel The Mysterious Island, the author tells the story about five men who escape from a prison by hijacking a hot air balloon. 


When I read that story, it occurred to me that the escapees’ balloon voyage is a powerful word picture about the need to get our priorities right. So long as we’re safe and secure, the things we surround ourselves with seem important and essential.


But when life seems to be sinking toward catastrophe, those things we thought we couldn’t live without seem trivial.  


It’s at that time that our true priorities come into focus.

How can we overcome the limitation of our misplaced priorities? We overcome that limitation by looking at our true priorities that are revealed in our actions.

We then look at the connection between our priorities and our lives.  And finally we realign ourselves with the Father’s priorities, so He can stir our hearts to obedience.


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Living Life By Living the Laws of the Father

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Rev. John, our founder and pastor, was called to spread the Father’s plan for life in the Ten Commandments as an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

The Church of the Commandments is a congregation of the

Universal Life Church

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Moses presents God’s Laws … the Ten Commandments … to the Hebrew people.

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