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Clearly ours is an age of ecological consciousness, when we are increasingly concerned with the survival of many endangered species. We are aware of our participation in a single, ecological system. We are aware that a civilization which allows many wild beasts to enter into extinction may prove equally wasteful of human life.

But these things we are learning from the secular world, and from scientific discover. Equally important for people of faith, there is a strong warrant for recognizing our kinship with the animals. We are challenged to learn of them and from them as we shape our lives together under the rule of the Father.

We are challenged to follow the footsteps of our Father into the wilderness where the 'wild things are'. We are to be involved in a mission in which we learn from our fellow creatures as well as teaching. We are to listen, not just to the commands of the high and the mighty, but to the voice of the lowly and the least. And we are called to learn something about our Creator in the beauty of creation. So that from these lessons, our whole life of faith may continue to grow wider and wider in its perspectives.

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Living Life By Living the Laws of the Father

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Rev. John, our founder and pastor, was called to spread the Fatherís plan for life in the Ten Commandments as an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church.

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Moses presents Godís Laws Ö the Ten Commandments Ö to the Hebrew people.

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